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Boxing champion



Boxing is known as the "Sweet Science" for its

incredibly technical approach to fighting.

Classes focus on a variety of topics, such as:

proper punching form, combinations, footwork,

ring control, evasion, bag work, conditioning and sparring.


Advanced students can even participate in fights. Our coaches will bring you from a beginner level to advanced in no time at all. This is an excellent supplement to our fun MuayThai and fitness programs!


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1. I haven't exercised in a while [or ever] will I be able to keep up?

We will work with you, both during your intro lesson and during classes, to ensure you are able to handle the workouts and then achieve your fitness goals in record time! Our workouts can be completed by anyone but scale to meet your fitness needs, all we ask is that you give it your all!


2. I already have a gym membership

If you are like many people your gym membership results in half hearted workouts and many trips to the treadmill. If you are looking for more significant results we will quickly become your new home away from home. Surrounded by motivated training partners and experienced trainers you can't help but succeed.


3. Will I get hit?

Absolutely not. Sparring/fighting is an entirely optional activity reserved for those interested in the combat sport aspect of boxing. Though you may eventually wish to try it for self defense purposes, no one is forced to spar at any time.

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