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Small gyms have rosters of people that come and go, fight and quit, get injured and disappear. Many current gym members maybe know the people below as coaches, or haven't met some of them at all. But these are the classics of our gym, the people who helped put us on everyone's radar when we first started.

Essac vs Bryan Gi

Smoker match from our very first event, Gi battle with commentary

Ant vs Justin V NoGi

Quick NoGi match at NAGA with commentary, featuring my old student Ant vs Justin years before he had his first fight and before we knew each other!

Chris Gi and NoGi beginner

Both Gi and NoGi matches Chris had at NAGA before he was a blue belt, with commentary

Leroy vs Justin B NoGi

NoGi submission only match at an old smoker with commentary

Julia's Fight

The original Julia was challenged to a charity fight by a mother who decided to talk trash on social media. Lesson of the day, do not talk if you can't back it up. After dropping her twice she pulls back and coasts through the rest of the fight to be nice :)

Editing by FigzbTV

Brandon's First Fight

Boxing coach Brandons first smoker fight. You can see the progression of his skills through his fights, when we go back to this first match the difference is stark. Sloppy hooks, bad cardio, but the same forward aggression that he's known for.

Editing by FigzbTV

Cristian's First Fight

Cristians First match at a smoker was actually against our kids instructor Chris. Due to scoring rules, had this been a boxing match Chris would have won. This is why it's so important to learn the scoring system for the combat sport you are doing and tailor your strategy around that. Most of the crowd left by the time this fight happened but it was one hell of a banger!

Editing by FigzbTV

Cristian's Second Fight

Cristian Made a quick turn around to have a second MuayThai fight. We traveled through a blizzard to get to the venue where only a fraction of the crowd... and the fighters, turned up. Although the opponent came from a good gym, we were able to use a pressure game to wear his cardio down to nothing before securing the stoppage. At the end the referee hit him in the balls, and he discovered he was not wearing his cup! oops.

Essac's Boxing Match

Although Essac was always more of a grappler, he took a shot at a boxing match against a tough and game opponent. This is non stop swinging from both guys, essac landing the harder shots, but all of those little punches add up quickly and we took it by a razor margin.

Kevin F's First Fight

An excellent example of how a first boxing match looks. This was an exhibition against a much heavier opponent with short one minute rounds so both could get experience when neither had a fight lined up.

Cristian's third fight

But his first boxing match. This was supposed to be a muaythai amateur title match, instead our opponent got arrested and never showed up. We took a last minute boxing match and came out ahead easily. The opponents chin couldn't handle the punches and his cardio wasn't good, so cristian cinched a quick win.

Dan's Second NoGi match

First fight of the day, this guy was apparently extremely strong. Watch as dan uses a variety of techniques to secure the win without gassing out in this 10 minute submission only match. The endurance and methods needed to win in long, "no point" matches is different then your NAGA or IBJJF match

Brandon's Second Boxing Match

If you haven't watched Coach brandons first match go do that now. The differences in this fight and that are huge. Patience, setting things up, picking his shots, cardio, everything comes together in this fight. A prime example of how people are not usually themselves in their first match.

Kevin F's Second Fight

Sadly Kevin had to move back to Ecuador after this match but you can see the difference between a technical kickboxer and a brawler. Kevin has prior experience in TKD, and did both our MuayThai and Boxing so he was well prepared for this match, even giving up a decent amount of size.

Isaiah's Kids Kickboxing

For a change of pace let's check out some kids kickboxing action. These two competed on another card... but they're kids, so probably didn't pay any attention and had no idea. Luckily their coaches came up with game plans for them. Isaiah quickly realized he could outbox his opponent and was far stronger in the clinch and so took advantage of that. Enjoy the adorable violence.

Ang Sub only

Ang lit up the competition scene in IBJJF, here though we see here take on a far larger woman in a submission only match. There are no points, it's an automatic draw if no one submits the other, and unfortunately she smashed her hand on the bathroom door handle minutes before this! The exact hand she needed to finish her Americanas.

Jaimie vs Sarah

Sarah was set to have a match with a woman who decided to pull out at the last second and made a big stink about it on social media. Jaimie stepped up at the last second so sarah could still fight. While we don't have the 2nd round due to the camera mans faulty equipment, here are two rounds of this classic that had everyone on their feet.

Brandon and Randy

Brandon had his third fight coming up and had a fairly significant gap in time between that and his second fight. To help shake the cob webs off he decided it was a good idea to have a sparring match at our yearly demo in front of a crowd with Randy the 20 year veteran of boxing.

Nicks first match

Nick had his first exhibition match at our yearly demo against a very game Fazir. HEre you can see Fazir came with a gameplan that caught Nick by surprise, hit and clinch. In the third round Nick finally makes the adjustments to beat his teammate and learns a valuable lesson for the real matches he has later!

Brandon's Third Boxing Match

Now this is an amazing example of a dirty fighter. Brandon's opponent pretends to touch gloves and instead attacks. later he tries to punch brandon right over the red as he breaks the action. Regardless, you can see yet more development of the ferocious inside fighting brandon is known for, for as long as this fight lasts.

Cristian's fifth fight and Title

Unfortunately the footage of cristians amazing 4th fight is so grainy it's unwatchable. It took place the same night as Brandons first. It was so good they offered him an amateur title fight. Here it is, his 5th fight in all its HD glory. This is the same guy Essac fought almost two years prior. He's improved but still lacks power, but has a rock chin and great cardio. So they have a ridiculous fight to see who would break first.

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