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Competition Footage 2018

This is some of the footage from the more exciting fights of 2018. We really came out strong and put our name on the map in 2017 but absolutely killed it in '18.

Kevin's First Fight

Kevin had only been training about six months when he decided to take a fight on a card we had other people competing on. Someone said he wasn't ready, but watching this video you can see him throw everything and the kitchen sink at this guy to get the finish. The risk of fighting too soon paid off.

and, the first of many, many times he gets kicked in the nuts.

Nick's first fight

Nicks first boxing match outside of the gym. Although he lost to one of our other students in a previous smoker, Nick actually showed by round 3 that he was the superior over all fighter. Having taken a few months to work on his game plan, our first southpaw took to the ring again against a larger opponent from a formidable team.

Kevin's Second fight

Next up for Kevin, and important for many up and coming fighters, taking on an old veteran who is past his prime. This guy here has had many fights, but no longer has a good chin. A good test of skill for a newbie.

Connor's fight

The younger Doyle fights first. His opponent is trained by my friend Matt. Although they are both the same weight, both of the brothers give up a small edge in total training time against these opponents. Here connor edges the competition 2-1 rounds, winning due to a higher volume of strikes in the third.

Jackson's fight

The older Doyle is a heavier weight class and both gentlemen suffer from some big strikes. The here Jackson is able to control the slight majority of the boxing but out classed his opponent in the clinch with some big big knees.

Kevin's Third fight

Keeping up a terrific pace, kevin takes his third fight only a short time after his second. This time the challenge is to beat a home town golden boy in front of his own audience and never let it get to the judges, who will not favor us. In fact, that promotion hasn't called me back since we wrecked their future star here :(

This is an example of following the game plan to the letter, peppering the guy with superior boxing while crush him using body kicks to open the head for the finish.

Tommy's Fight

Tommy Kenny decided to take a fight up a weight class against our Tommy. This is tommy kennys final amateur fight, and our tommy's first head kick.

Braden finally fights

After filming our fights and dragging his feet for two years, Braden finally enters the cage. We actually had to share the room with his opponent, who tried to start fights with a bunch of pro fighters in the locker room, called us out after the fight online and then ducked the rematch. This is a good example to follow when learning how to work the microphone in a post fight speech!

Mike's fight

The only loss we took that night, the judges fell asleep at their tables. Mike does all the damage, but more importantly didn't listen to a word we coached him. Despite that he definitely won and had the guy totally spooked by the end. Remember guys, take your medicine to focus.

Cristian does MMA

After years of bugging me to do MMA, despite having no grappling training under his belt, and insisting grappling is boring. I found someone willing to stand and trade with him.. sort of. A severe issue of not having his glove properly taped or checked stops the match and all but guarantees a solid win by cristian here

Kevins title fight, 135lbs

Kevin has a title fight a weight class above his natural weight. Having had a terrible semester at school he only managed about 2 actual weeks of cardio, and when combined with the multitude of nut shots that the ref failed to deal with, you can really tell.

In spite of these issues, he almost finishes the kid multiple times and takes home the prize.

Austins first fight

Finding matches for teenagers is hard.

Like, really really hard.

So Austin fought a full grown man instead.

And kicked the guys legs around once he got comfortable. Keep in mind, Austin was 205lbs at 15 and in this video he's a 155lb ripped 17 year old. Amazing transformation

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