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Competition Footage 2023

Ross 2nd fight in Boston

After a slew of cancelled fights, Ross starts the year off fighting in Boston. This was definitely a big step up for her and a very difficult fight. 

NAGA Rhode Island

Took a team of 14 people to compete at NAGA in Rhode Island, 9 of our competitors had never done a tournament before so this was a great experience, even if a few of them had to fight each other for medals!

Birthday Bash

Student Vs Student challenge matches at my birthday party. No winners and many fighters versus beginners matches to help everyone improve. NoGi, Boxing and Muaythai. Time codes are built in so you can scroll through to the match of your choosing!

Peter Fight 4

Peter Versus Kyle Ogega at Dead Serious MMA 48 in Poughkeepsie New York in May.

Ross Fight 3

Ross Versus Ishani Vyas at Dead Serious MMA 48 in Poughkeepsie New York in May.

Rick Fight 4

Rick Versus Christion Anigilaje at Dead Serious MMA 48 in Poughkeepsie New York in May.

Bria's Second Fight

Bria returns to kickboxing action in this K1 rules fight at Lace Up Promotions in Pulaski New York. She takes on Cassidy "Chaos" Glapa, a 2-0 kickboxers with 2 knockouts.

Mike's Debut

Mike Makes his debut at the inaugural show of Stand N Strike promotions. Video Also features an exhibition bout by Adel Lolic.

Ross Second Fight Live Angle

A Much better View of Ross in her second fight in Boston. The video comes from the live stream so the footage is a bit grainy, and half of round 3 is missing, nothing I can do about it! To watch the full thing view the other video.

Wka 2023'

We travel down to Delaware for Bria to fight in the national championships. She has an epic battle against the world games silver medalist in the MuayThai Division and then fights in the Glory Kickboxing divison. Peter tagged along and fights in both divisons as well, the next day.

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