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BLUE BELT Curriculum

This is the full BJJ Blue Belt Curriculum. 90 concepts and techniques

Welcome to Jiujitsu

-Introduction to the course

-How to fall

-How to Roll

-Hip Escape drill

-How to tie your belt

Single Leg Series

-Single Leg Takedown

-2 Ankle pick variations

-Single leg and ankle pick defense

Double Leg Series

-Simple Double leg tackle

-Basic Sprawl defense


-O-soto-gari foot sweep

-O-soto Counter sweep

Basic Throws

-Hip throw

-Self defense shoulder throw

-Drop shoulder throw

Putting the Standup Together

-Grip fighting


-Pulling and jumping guard

-Putting it together

Scissor Sweep Series

-Scissor Sweep

-Knee push sweep

-Scissor sweep counter

Flower Sweep Series

-Flower Sweep

-NoGi Flower sweep

-Windmill sweep

Standing Sweeps

-Hook Sweep

-Double Ankle Sweep

-Double ankle sweep counter push

Triple Threat Series


-Situp Sweep [kimura sweep or hip bump]



Triple Threat Counter Series

-Simple Kimura Defense

-Guillotine from guard escape

Collar Chokes

-Cross Collar Choke

-Sliding Cross collar choke

-Lapel Cross collar choke

-Reverse hands cross collar choke

-Thrust choke counter

Arm Bar from Guard

-Basic arm bar from guard

-Stack counter

-Folded arms counter

Triangle Series


-Posture defense

-Knee across the belly defense

-Bully pass defense

Passing Guard series

-3 ways to open guard

-Proper posture and base in guard

-Same side pass

-Knee Cut/opposite side pass

-Double under pass

-Standing pass

Side Control series


-Kimura and cross body arm lock

-2 Paper Cutter chokes

-Guard Recovery

-Arm under Tackle Escape

-Arm roll out escape

Mount Series

-Knee Slide to mount from side

-Countering the Knee Block

-Reverse hold to mount

-Mount Maintenance


-Cross Collar Choke

-Pushing Armbar

-Technical Armbar

-Transition to the back

Mount Escape Series

-Basic upa

-Upa Variations

-Dealing with beginner situations

-Hip Escapes

-Combination flow

Armlock Escape Series

-Basic Armbar Defense

-Hitchhiker roll

-Americana Defense

Back Control Series

-Back Control basics

-Rear Naked Choke

-One Arm Choke

-Ninja Choke

-Sliding Lapel Choke

-Armbar from the back

-Bow and Arrow Choke

-Bow and Arrow Escape

-Basic back escape

-Butt Scoot Escape

-Back escape to mount re-counter

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