We provide a complete set of programs that covers all of your fitness and combat sports needs. Browse below for information on each of our programs and click to find out more!



A complete array of martial arts skills for kids, including Kickboxing, Wrestling and jiujitsu. Class emphasize fitness and character development.

Ages 5 and up!

Muay Thai

Known as the "Art of Eight Limbs" due to it's use of punches, elbows, knees and kicks, Muay thai style kickboxing has proven to be the defacto striking art of modern MMA. Classes off an amazing workout and top notch self defense!


The "Sweet Science", classes take students to a new technical level of perfection as we cover combinations, advanced footwork, evasion strategies and ring tactics.

Boxing, MMA

Brazilian Jiujitsu

Evolving from it's roots in Judo, BJJ covers a curriculum of powerful self defense techniques, submissions, throws and more. With an emphasis on how a smaller, weaker person can defeat a larger and more aggresive adversary.


Also known as "Submission Wrestling", this class forgoes the use of the Jiujitsu Gi [the outfit]. There is a heavier emphasis on take downs and less restrictions on advanced techniques, such as leg locks.


The Mixed Martial Arts class is for those who have developed the proper fundamentals in our other programs. Once you know the basics we will teach you to put them together. Those seeking to compete will be given the proper guidance towards reaching their goals!




Strength to complete a take down, or the cardio to keep fighting can never be under estimated. Many people overlook this portion of their training early on despite its overwhelming importance. We offer a great system that will help you meet your fitness goals FAST.



7:30-8:30am Select Days

Mon/Wed/Fri Noon-1pm

Monday-Friday 4:45-9:15pm

Saturday 10:30-11:30 am

Private Lessons by appointment!

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