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Competition Footage 2019

This is footage from 2019, we were very busy and had an INCREDIBLE turn out at our yearly demo so a lot of footage is feature from that. As this year is ongoing, more will come!

Dante's dad Bryan Vs Matt D.

Dante was a member for quite a while before dad decided to try it. Here he has a friendly kickboxing match with Matt who came to us with plenty of prior martial arts experience. They opened up our intramural team matches brilliantly.

Ben vs Jhoan Boxing

Ben and Jhoan engage in a boxing match at our yearly demo, complete with plenty of exchanges.

Chaela vs Nina

Continuing the legacy of training tough women, Chaela and Nina engage in a back and forth boxing battle.

Kevin vs Tommy spar

As extra practice for Kevin who had planned to take a match shortly after this that never materialized. Both guys opened the show that night and attempted to win the unbelievably tough crowd over with fancy tricks.

Tj vs Jose

Tj and Jose engage in a boxing match, while it does not go the distance due to a quit from Jose's corner, TJ was also thinking of throwing in the towel from exhaustion as well. This goes to teach you never quit too early.

Victor vs Nick

Nicks opponent fell through so Victor volunteer to step up. Although there is a weight disadvantage, victor does not use it to smash nick and the two have a lively exchange. Sadly this fight ended early due to a bloody nose that wouldn't stop.

Shawn vs Xavier

Shawn and xavier have a blistering exchange of punches. Xavier is a very awkward puncher and shawn is still extremely bouncy at this point so it makes for a surreal match

Nicks Second Boxing Match

Nick finally has the chance to step in to another match. This time he has the size advantage, not in weight but in height and reach. His opponent is a friend of mine who had a decent MMA record and went on after this fight to win his next two fights in dominant fashion including a knock out so he is no push over. Yet here nick controls most of the fight and finishes with a strong third round.

Dantes boxing match

Dante had a small sparring match with this boy and so we reached out to have a full exhibition match with them. It was a fun match but you can see he still hasn't developed his footwork and trips over himself several times. The boy didn't land anything notable but the crowd jumps for joy when dante trips thinking he was getting knocked out or something. Uneducated crowds are awful ha!

Victors first fight

Not counting his exhibition against his teammate, here victor impresses in his first fight against a seasoned veteran. Displaying superior cardio, superior technique and remaining calm and having fun the entire night.

Shawn's fight

Best described as a shit show. The opponent arrives to the ring without his cup or shin guards. Proceeds to break the rules attempting to ground and pound him, turning his back multiple times in a thai match, and then having his cup fly out, his shorts rip, and even the "tape diaper" designed to keep the cup in fails. Regardless, you can see the difference in technique vs street brawling going on here. Given more time shawn would have picked the exhausted opponent apart.

Kevins 5th fight

Kevin impresses yet again as the human highlight reel, finishing his opponent for the 4th time in yet another completely different way. He came well prepared this time, had excellent cardio and picked his shots. With an emphasis on a strongly improved thai clinch that sealed the deal for him this time!

Isaiah's First Fight

Isaiah steps up to fight for the first time. This is a 3 round MuayThai fight, where he comes in at the end of a week being sick. Worried about gassing himself out because of that, he takes his time and picks his shots for the victory.

Victors Second Fight

Victor takes a major step up in competition and shows how having good head movement from boxing can really improve ones inside fighting skills. Relentless pace and infinite cardio doesn't hurt either!

Don's First Fight

Poor Don, his opponent was so spooked by him at weigh ins that he pulled out ten minutes before we arrived to the town. Luckily Victors first opponent stepped up because his opponent dropped out too!

Our camera angle shows the kick landed above the cup but that's okay, he finishes this with a wicked head kick at 45 seconds.

Mike's First Fight

Mike makes his debut in MMA, demonstrating that in the heavyweight division, the first man to get on top often wins.

Isaiah's Second Fight

Isaiah steps up the quality of opponents drastically, facing off against the student of  well known Bellator fighter Jon Manley.

Although it was a close fight due to some inactivity in the second round, Isaiah closes out the third frame with a beautiful counter sweep and significantly harder shots.

Although this is the last fight for our team scheduled for the year, there is one more event left for me in December .....

Jimmy's Last Fight

I've known Jimmy forever. He got screwed in his first two matches with another team. I made a promise that we would get him a win. This is his last fight before he moved across the country.

Kevin's Second Title Fight

An epic war with Kevin once again fighting a larger opponent. This is an easy fight of the year candidate. What do you think about the outcome of the fight?

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