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Competition Footage 2021-22

This footage is all post pandemic 2021 and 2022. The fight world took a long time to open back up, we didn't have any action in 2020 at all. Finally we started getting calls from promoters again and tournaments opened back up. Clearly rusty from the huge time off we dusted things off and started up again.

WKA National Championships 21'

A mess of a tournament spread out over several days with multiple delays, opponent switch ups and officiating miscommunication. I guess that's what happens after years off! Victor and Kevin have matches in the finals, Tommy and Peter get matched with some studs and Old Man Tom makes his debut against the son of a coach!

Rob's White belt BJJ Highlight

The title says it all, Rob Americana's his way through the white belt ranks left and right!

Alex's White belt BJJ Highlight

Alex also has a very long highlight reel from his white belt career where you can literally witness the progression of jiujitsu skills over the course of the year.

Gabe's Debut fight

Our resident Serbian makes his debut fight in New York. If his parents have anything to say about it, this will be his last fight, but I don't think so :)

Sam's Debut Fight

After losing 102lbs, and 50 of those in just the last three months of fight camp, Sam makes his debut against a 1-0 opponent in New York.

Yadiel's BJJ Debut

Yadie is only able to compete on Sundays so he had to wait a long time to get into his first competition. He faces some pretty stiff competition and some incredibly dangerous submission attempts in this 4 man division at FUJI Massachusetts.

Xiomara's Debut fight

Xiomara makes her debut fight in Vermont against a younger game opponent. She said she only wanted to have one fight but it was such a good time she wants another!

Kevin's 8th Fight

Another huge match for Kevin. This time fighting for the AKBF 130lb kickboxing title in Newburgh New York. Taking on Eli "Beat Boy" Bonet. [spelling?]

Kevin's third title fight and second title win. Five rounds of insanely hard blows. Flyweights shouldn't be able to hit this hard!

Victor WKA 2022

Victor had another long layoff with a year of inaction. Coming into WKA 2022 we had multiple division and opponent swaps. Here is his footage from both fights. 1-1 for the weekend and two fun brawls.

Peter WKA 2022

Boy, Peter can't catch a break. His first opponent in WKA is a sandbagger with some serious speed and power who went on to KO everyone else in the division in Round 1. Peter survives a furious 3 rounds fight. His second match he's already beat but soldiers through another 3 rounds match and breaks the guys jaw. Never an easy fight for this guy.

NAGA September 2022

A slick day of competition with 6 members competing in springfield mass. We come home with 7 gold, 5 silver and one bronze medal along with the adult women's absolute championship... by Bria who is only 15.

Kevin's 9th Fight

Kevin's 4th title fight is against Ricardo Rengal. A tough and crafty [sometimes dirty] opponent who knows how to play the rules and volume strikes like crazy for points. This guy is no joke and trades with Kevin for 5 rounds. Kevin's first fight without shin guards of course results in a broken toe and foot but hey, that's the game!

Classic Video: Very First Naga

Digging up some Classic Matches off my hard drive for everyone. Let's start with our very first NAGA video ever. Ryan, one of my first Blue belts, has his first competition as a white belt. Making it all the way to the finals... where he had no energy left but struggled through anyways. 

Classic Video: Original Kevin, 1st Fight

Another classic, Original Kevin takes on his very first match in a boxing smoker. Kevin is not a boxer but trades toe to toe just for fun.

Classic Video: Original Kevin's Third Fight

Although we had found him his second kickboxing match, the opponent non showed. We were offered a boxing match against a 16 year old with over 20 fights. Just for the experience we took the match and while he didn't win the experience was great!

Classic Video: Aaron Naga Matches

Aaron was an all American wrestler and so was sent right to intermediate division at this NAGA in 2014. He found himself in murderers row, up against two other gyms instructors and even one of Khabib's original American training partners. 

Bria MuayThai Debut 

Bria makes her long awaited MuayThai Debut in Boston at the October No Boundary Fight card.

Grappling Industries - Rob

Rob faces a large opponent in a best of 3 match at Grappling Industries New Town Connecticut

Tommy's 4th Fight

Tommy has his 4th fight at AKBF in Newburgh New York in what might be fight of the night.

Ricks Debut

Rick makes his long awaited kickboxing debut at AKBF in Newburgh New York

Gaman BJJ

A quick day at GAMAN BJJ in Newtown CT with Giovanni and Lucas representing the kids and Rob and Katie for the adults

Victors 6th Fight

Victor has his 6th fight with a modified Muaythai ruleset in Rhode Island.

Ross's Debut

In our final fight of the year Ross makes her kickboxing debut against a 2-0 girl. This is a kickboxing match with no clinch or knees allowed at the Rhode Island event.

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