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Guest Seminars 2

Ricardo Cavalcanti Seminar #2

After a long pause from the lock downs we finally have the return of the head of our Jiujitsu association. Take in this awesome old school Jiujitsu seminar!

Ajarn Nelson Siyavong MuayThai

Kru stands for coach, Ajarn stands for master. Check out this seminar with Ajarn Nelson Siyavong in his MuayThai/Lao style covering defensive clinch work

Matt March Guest Class

Matt March teaches a guest class covering kicking techniques and then answering some questions. Fun light technical sparring footage at the end.

Johnny Lopez Guest Class

It's been many years but Johnny finally returns to guest teach once again. Recently retired he covers some striking combos, answers a few questions and then spars.

Rich McKeegan Guest Class

Another guest that has returned after many years. Rich shares his method of escaping from the bottom of much large opponents. Rolling footage at the end.

Chris Simmons Guest Class

I've been trying to have Chris visit for a while. He competed in several smokers I hosted, showing off slick Jiujitsu in the process. Here he shares with us his way of doing pendulum sweep into arm bar and a bunch of tips. Rolling footage at the end.

Ricardo Cavalcanti Seminar 3 2022

This year Master Cavalcanti teaches a half guard pass, dealing with the X-guard and more. 

My x-guard work shop

We visited Jasons Gym in Vernon to teach a guest class. I cover some X-guard basics, entries and passes in this segment

Jason Guest Class

Jason visits and his son teaches a combination of attacks from half guard to back etc

Skylar Judo Seminar

14 time national champion Skylar Cummings teaches a seminar on grip fighting and set ups for stand up jiujitsu.

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