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First Week of Guest Instructor Month

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

It's August and that means it's guest instructor month!

We began the week with a special boxing class run by our OG student, fighter and coach Brandon Harkinson. Teaching his specific style of inside boxing, Brandon is a 5'4" fighter who's last opponent was 6'1". Clearly he knows about closing the distance and fighting inside the pocket.

We followed that with a Jiujitsu class by Ben O'Nell. Covering the topic of opening and passing difficult and stubborn closed guards. He also added in his personal method of bicep slicing, just so the white belts could learn some illegal techniques!

Finishing the first week up, we brought back Skyler Cummings, the 14 time national judo champion. This time she covered foot sweeps for BJJ. Revealing a number of simple drills and technical concepts that allowed everyone to grasp this highly popular move.

We have several more weeks to guests coming so we hope to see everyone there!

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