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Teen MMA BJJ Karate Wallingford Cheshire Meriden

Kids Mixed Martial Arts

When it comes to training kids we are #1.

We offer classes for children in the art of Brazilian jiujitsu and MMA which


is a combination of wrestling, boxing, Muaythai and Brazilian Jiujitsu.


Overall our program focuses on:

-Self Defense




-Character development


-Self control



​The skills that kids learn in our programs help them grow into disciplined adults while imparting a healthy life style and the ability to handle bullies in an appropriate manner.


We divide our classes based on age and skill so that we have an age appropriate training environment for everyone. As kids grow so do our lessons!


Kids BJJ MMA Karate Wallingford Cheshire Merdien
Teen MMA BJJ Karate Wallingford Cheshire Meriden

Do you want your child to learn the most powerful and cutting edge self defense system?


This is not the "Kids Karate" program I grew up with. This is Muay Thai kickboxing, wrestling and Brazilian Jiujitsu, just like what you see on TV, but simplfied so that any child can learn and master it for their own protection, fitness and self confidence. I have helped hundreds of kids overcome their bullying and self esteem issues, forged tons competitive grapplers and now I'd like to help you and your child achieve the same results.


Sign up for your FREE 30 DAYS AND YOU’LL GET:

FREE Consultation and Gym Tour

FREE Introductory Lesson

FREE 30 Day Trial of Classes!


For kids with the right drive we offer opportunities to compete. If this is something you're interested in please mention it. Be aware that no one is EVER forced to compete. We strive to help you reach YOUR goals!


And don't forget about our family plans, once you see how much fun your child has, you won't be far behind!

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