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MMA Cheshire CT
MMA Cheshire CT gym

MMA Cheshire CT

Mixed. Martial. Arts.

This is where we put it all together.

Learning how to combine your boxing and kickboxing skills into your wrestling and jiujitsu skills takes you to a whole different level. Sleekly transitioning for a combination into a takedown, using your punches to help you pass or set up a submission, this is what MMA is all about.


We offer a beginners introduction to MMA class on Fridays, otherwise, this program takes place off the schedule and requires you to have a solid base of fundamentals in both striking and grappling. Participants can fight and will be encouraged to do so. Guests and friends of ours will also be on hand for cross training and members of this group will be expected to assist them equally when they get ready for their fights.

-Join the worlds fastest growing sport

-Learn in a safe, ego free environment

-Learn Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu

-Get fit while having fun

-Compete with an up and coming team


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Members from across Connecticut train with us! We’re just a short drive from North Haven, HamdenMeriden, Durham, Cromwell, Southington, and MiddletownConnecticut. Contact us today to get started!

Beginners to MMA Cheshire CT

MMA cheshire CT residents

For beginners stepping into the world of MMA, there are several key aspects to remember. Firstly, understand that MMA is a diverse amalgamation of various martial arts disciplines. Embrace the versatility of MMA by starting with a solid foundation in different fighting styles, such as striking and grappling. When beginning MMA, patience is vital. Undoubtedly, progress in MMA takes time and consistent practice. Focus on gradually mastering techniques while building endurance, agility, and strength. And remember, setbacks are part of the journey. Please don't feel bad about them; simply use them as opportunities for learning.


Moreover, safety is paramount in MMA. Learning from qualified instructors, like the ones here at Performance Combat, who emphasize proper technique and safety measures during training sessions, is essential. Staying open-minded and receptive to learning from different coaches and training partners will contribute significantly to your MMA success. 

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